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RJP Construction is a commercial wood framing company where personal and professional growth is encouraged through opportunity where employees have a responsibility for the quality of their work, and all share in doing whatever it takes for a successful project for our customers.


Commercial Framing


For over twenty-two years RJP Construction has been providing turn-key wood framing services for all types of commercial projects from interior mezzanine offices to complex clubhouses with detailed timber work to 100K SF plus multi unit apartment and hotel buildings. Based out of Ogden, UT with a satellite location in St. George, UT we have completed projects across the mountain-west region and are currently licensed in these states: Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Washington, California and Wyoming. Recently we have implemented the use of iPads with all our foreman, which has greatly increased the ease of fulfilling commercial safety requirements, tracking project changes and overall project communication. Time is the most valuable resource for our clients. We minimize our time on a job by always implementing the right tools for the situation whether prefabricating wall panels, always using the right piece of equipment from our extensive fleet or having the right personnel on the project. We have outstanding relationships with suppliers giving us an edge on competitors in regards pricing, lead times, and service. Contact an RJP Construction estimator for your commercial framing needs today!


RJP Crane Service


RJP Crane serves the Intermountain Region

  • NCCCO Certified
  • 28 Ton Boom Truck
  • Height to 157′
  • Roofing Materials, Structual Steel, Light Poles, Trusses, Roof Top Units
  • Wireless Remote
  • Flexible Hours
  • Credit Cards Accepted

Call Jason Leavitt @ (801) 941-2775


Timber Framing Fabrication


RJP construction now consists of multiple divisions of wood framing and construction including a full service timber framing shop that is staffed by some of the most experienced craftsman in northern Utah. Corey Tremeling is the heart of the RJP Timber shop. Corey is very passionate and his excitement overflows into his work in the shop. He has worked on log homes and heavy timber framing most of his life. He is credited with some of the most extravagant log hand rail and homes in Park City and surrounding mountain towns.


Anchor Bolt Layout Plans


At RJP Construction, we believe communication is the most valuable tool in a carpenter’s tool box. Ask any sports team what the secret to success is and the likely answer will be some form of communication; every player knowing what the plays are and when to run them.
As part of our wall component division, RJP Construction has the ability to generate detailed layout sheets that combine information critical to many of the trades involved in commercial construction. Our drawings include anchor bolt plans detailing the locations of seismic hold downs & bracing, mechanical penetrations through shear walls, bathtub, shower, and toilet drains conflicting with joist layouts. All this can be planned for and adjusted “on paper” before anything is built, avoiding costly mistakes and change orders.
Keeping these lines of communication open between Framers, Foundation crews, Plumbers, and HVCA contractors is one way that RJP Construction stands above other Framing contractors.


Seismic Upgrades


RJP Construction has the unique experience of performing structural seismic upgrades on several different historic building renovation projects. These projects require a fine attention to detail as when the structural elements are uncovered the actual conditions often differ from the plans. RJP Construction assists the general contractor by writing and tracking its own RFIs, often walking the job during demo to get a jump start and finding and submitting questions ahead of mobilization to save time on the project. Often times work on these projects occur in hard to access locations and deal with installing new construction materials to obsolete material sizes. RJP Construction’s past experience lends itself to create unique and efficient solutions to these common seismic upgrade conditions. RJP has installed thousands of epoxied anchor bolts and thru bolts in existing masonry & concrete walls for structural reinforcement as well as repairing timber trusses and existing joist floors on previous seismic upgrade projects.


Wall Component Pre-Cut Packages


With all the advancements in building technology, construction companies have a binary choice; they can ride the waves of change and lead the way or be crushed in the surf. RJP Construction embraces new technology and keeps up with the latest and best techniques in the building industry. We take advantage of top rated construction management and design software to stay ahead of the curve. One of those tools is the Mitek Sapphire Suite of manufacturing software. With this powerful three-dimensional modeling program we can build a digital model of the project. This model helps us identify any problems that may arise early in the planning stages and have them resolved before construction begins, saving valuable time and money. After the model is created in Sapphire Structure, our computerized saws cut each component to exact specifications. Then, the pieces are labeled, banded, and loaded on a truck. The result is a complete precut package ready to be assembled and erected on site.

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